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So, that didn’t quite transpire as I thought.

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I intended to use those writing prompts as a way to give myself reasons to write here, and by the looks of it, I just never caught on.

Not much as happened off-line as of late. Got a raise. Got offered a beat change and schedule change. I am still debating that. It’s not an area I naturally flock to but it would be very stretching professionally.

It’s hard to believe today is Nov. 1. Tomorrow is the big kerfuffle known as Election Day. I received my marching orders to cover a few county races tomorrow, so I’ll spend many hours in a government building waiting for a handful of meaningful numbers to write two terse stories.

It’s important, exciting work. It’s my first real big-timey election. In August I covered my first primary and the energy surrounding that was pretty neat. Everyone in the newsroom is a busy bee, watching TVs, monitoring the results. At the county administration building, the election office staffers, living on copious amounts of coffee and Mountain Dew, scurry to keep the computers that receive vote tallies rolling. Campaign workers listlessly wait with their Blackberries in hand. Amiable county officials laugh and talk in lowered voices around a large conference room table in front of a TV. Upstairs curious locals watch projections on the wall of the administrative building’s rounded surface, in between television shows “Minute to Win It” and “America’s Got Talent.”

I can see why journalists love elections — it’s a constantly-moving animal, this business of electing new politicians, one that no one knows the result until the night of the first Tuesday of November each election cycle. Unless, of course, there are hanging chads involved, a la the 2000 presidential election. That was nuts.

At any rate, tomorrow will be a big day, and I will have to blog my thoughts on it. Like, tomorrow night after I collapse on my couch.

I’m re-reading Anne Lamott’s book “Bird by Bird” and I find myself itching to write something, anything. Perhaps that can start here, with this mundane, oft-ignored (by myself in particular) site of mine.



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November 1, 2010 at 7:47 pm

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