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Sorry for the silence

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The worst blog posts and diary entries are always the ones that say what this blog title does.

I will apologize for that, and also show you some of the things I’ve been up to lately.

Basically, from June to last week, each weekend was packed. I called the weekend before last my introvert weekend, because I honestly didn’t want to interact with another human being for a few days. That’s how I roll sometimes.

There have been some good times, though. In June, when I realized I really need to get my license, I failed my eye exam at the DMV. Yeah. So I got some spiffy glasses that allow me to see better while driving — especially at night. Here’s what they look like:

Aren’t they pretty?

And here’s what they look like on me, a la Instagram:




I’ve been complaining about eyestrain from proofing pages and headaches, as well as seeing less definition to stuff far away, so it’s not exactly a surprise. I don’t mind them so far, but I usually only wear them while driving or trying to decipher small text on the newsroom TV far from my desk.

My glasses came in the same time my family came to Morris on an extremely last minute trip from Kansas. I called my mom on a Sunday night and she said, “Oh by the way, we’re coming to see you tomorrow.” They were in town for about four days or so.

We did some fun stuff, despite me having to work. We went out to eat at some local places they hadn’t tried yet and went to Gebhard Woods State Park, along the I & M Canal. The canal has a great towpath that is about 60 miles long. Shorter parts of it would be great for biking or distance runs.


Mom and dad pose for the camera



Annnd my sister and I cheese for the camera




Like the green muck?

The other notable thing we did was watch YouTube videos together. It’s always a family-bonding experience on that site.


I love that I caught Bethaney mid-crackup here.

Crazy to think that the next time I’ll see my family (next week), it’ll be for Bethaney’s wedding.

Well, I’m going to leave my adventures there and pick this up later.



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July 31, 2012 at 1:11 am

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