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Update to an online dating moratorium

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So, tonight I found out that the subject of a years-long crush recently got married.

My response? Meh. Good for him.

That is so surprising, considering my history, but I think it’s good because that’s the healthy response. Maybe I’m finally getting it together? Maybe?

I should probably give an update on my online dating moratorium. It went strong, May through November last year. I rejoined Tinder temporarily, mostly because I was curious about what it would be like in D.C. (Hello, great matches!) vs. KC (is anyone out there????).

But other than that, I’ve not really participated in online dating, per se. I haven’t refired-up my OkCupid profile or thought about joining a paid service.

I texted my friend who brought the idea up recently to say that I think that’s the best decision I’ve made all year.

I think I’m over online dating for good, too. I didn’t like how it made me see other people and how I see myself, ultimately. And the thing is, it wasn’t even really working for me. I had only gone on a handful of dates.

Even though I’ve gone on even LESS dates since this experiment (Nov. ’13 was the last…ouch), I feel way way way better about myself. Which is actually attractive, right? You have to love yourself before other people can love you, I hear (and am inclined to believe).

So basically: good riddance, online dating. I’m not gonna miss you when you’re gone because you’re freaking terrible.

I guess I’m kind of daring God, the universe, or whatever to send me in the direction of a dude without the (non-) help of the Internet.

Stay tuned.


Written by Jessica

January 3, 2015 at 11:44 pm

Posted in Missouri Living

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  1. Staying tuned. 😉


    January 6, 2015 at 2:11 pm

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