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Hello again, friends. It has been ages. 

I’m on vacation this week and just now coming out of the fog of Big Story land. (If you want to read it — aka, please read it and justify my spending two plus months on it — it can be found here). 

There are so many things I could say about life since December, but crazy is probably the most succinct and most accurate. 

I’ve written letters to convicted drug dealers in federal prison, sought answers from powerful people, received a libel lawsuit threat by an attorney at a law firm that my company hires for legal counsel (nice work checking out those conflicts of interests, eh?), and marveled at the sheer depth and complexity of this story. 

The story is still in progress, though slowed right now as I tackle stories that are actually on my beat. Speaking of, the new beat (city hall) has been a refreshing change of pace. In December I finally moved to days, which has been a pretty big adjustment, considering my schedule on nights was like two years. 

Last week I had some new areas moved under my beat purview, adding some more governmental bodies to what I cover. Woo. 

Work remains stressful (mostly due to newsroom factors beyond normal deadline stress) but it is what it is. Doing work that is meaningful overcomes a lot of that, or at least makes it slightly more tolerable. I’m also consciously trying to stick to my guns on boundaries involving work/home balance. 

Right now, this week, I’m all about this rest thing. Well, kind of. I’ve been mostly loafing around since Sunday, which has been fantastic. I’m hitting the road for the remainder of the week, to sleep on coaches of friends and laugh till I cry and see old places. 

As much as part of me wants to go full hermit the remainder of the week (I’ve seriously considered it), I really need some time with some of the best people in my life. So yeah. Hermit Jess will have to wait until another time to fully hermit. 

I’m not really sure what the purpose of this post was, other to reassure you that I’m still alive and well and give me a chance to talk about Big Story and share it. But that’s ok, I think? 


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March 3, 2015 at 6:54 pm

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