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Back on the bandwagon.

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It’s been awhile since I’ve written about my weight-loss journey.┬áThat’s largely because I’ve fallen off the bandwagon this summer, in spectacular fashion.

I’m mostly back on again, after getting some sobering results from my annual checkup.

It’s one thing to be told that your weight isn’t in a safe range, but it’s another thing to be told that your glucose-tolerance levels are heading in a bad direction. And that Type-2 Diabetes could be in your near future.

Um. Yikes.

My fasting glucose levels were out of the normal range, ever so slightly, but thankfully other tests did not say that I’m pre-diabetic (whew). I did get a sitdown with my doctor to talk about the results and prevention, though.

Lemme tell you, chronic disease is not something I want for my life.┬áDiabetes, and being told you might be on the way towards it SOON, is an amazing motivator for change, however. I’ve done a whole lot better, eating wise, in the last two weeks and plan on continuing that streak, and getting back to the gym a whole lot more often.

Also, in the month between my checkup and my bloodwork (you did see I’m a procrastinator, right?), I managed to lose a few pounds. (Small victories)

Now I just have to keep heading in that direction…which is the hard part. I’m down 21 pounds from where I was last summer (!!!), but it’s easy to get overwhelmed by how much further there is to go.

I’m miles away from where I was last year, but still have many more to go. Such is life, I guess. We are all works in progress.


Written by Jessica

September 20, 2014 at 12:00 pm